The project will investigate, develop and demonstrate the operation, control, protection, safety and telecommunication infrastructure of MicroGrids and will determine and quantify their economic benefits. Operation and Control concepts
in both stand-alone and interconnected mode on Laboratory MicroGrids will be demonstrated.

This project aims at the increase of penetration of microgeneration in electrical networks through the exploitation and extension of the Microgrids concept, involving the investigation of alternative microgenerator control strategies and alternative network designs, development of new tools for multi-microgrids management operation and standardisation of technical and commercial protocols.

U-Cluster "Integration of RES + DG" MICROGRIDS is part of the European Research Project Cluster "Integration of RES + DG" of the EU projects SUSTELNET, DGNET, INVESTIRE, DISPOWER, CRISP and DGFACTS. Please visit for more information.
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